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PSC Communities of Care


Communities of Care is a model of care developed by the Palliative Support Centre to support persons who are living with and dying from advancing illness and for their families and other caregivers.


The model is person-directed: the person living with illness or caregiving tells us about the help they need and want. The Centre finds people in the community who could potentially help. The group of people providing support to an individual in need is what we refer to as that person’s “community of care.” This can involve family, friends, and a larger community. The decision as to who helps and how they help rests with the person needing and wanting care.

Communities of care are communities that provide assistance for those in need of end-of-life care separate from any official health service provision that may already be available within the community.


Communities of Care is also a model to develop community capacity to offer care. There are many people in the community who want to help others in need. They may have their own experience living with advancing illness, dying and death, and caregiving; or they may have no experience but want to help.


The Palliative Support Centre provides programs to engage and educate members of the community so that they can support persons in need throughout their community.


The first program being offered is   PS...Let's Learn about Talking and Listening



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